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Your Home Style Story: One Custom Closet Dream at a Time

Transforming your home into a personalized haven starts with the story of your style, and one impactful way to do that is through custom closets. They can have a big impact on the design of your bedroom or master bathroom. Whether you’re in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario, custom closets offer a tailored solution that aligns with your unique preferences and organizational needs.

Maximize Space Efficiency:

Custom closets are a great solution for those who want to make the most of their available space. No matter how small or big your home may be, custom closets can help you maximize your storage potential and enhance the design of your bedroom. The main advantage of custom closets is that they are designed with your specific needs in mind. This means that you can get a storage solution that perfectly fits your space, and that can be tailored to your specific storage needs.

Custom closets come in a wide range of styles and designs, so you can choose one that complements your home décor. They can be designed to accommodate different types of items, such as clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and more. Customized shelving, drawers, and hanging spaces can be strategically planned to make the most of every inch of available space.

Whether you have a compact condo in Toronto or a spacious home in Ontario, custom closets are the perfect solution for maximizing your storage potential. So, if you’re looking for a storage solution that is both functional and stylish, a custom closet is definitely worth considering.

Reflect Your Style:

Your home style story unfolds through the design of your custom closet. Choose finishes, materials, and hardware that reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more classic and timeless design, customization allows you to curate a closet that aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Organizational Bliss:

Say goodbye to clutter with a custom closet that brings organizational bliss. Tailored storage solutions for shoes, accessories, and clothing ensure that everything has its designated place. Customization allows you to create a closet that not only looks good but also functions seamlessly, making your daily routine more efficient.

Adapt to Changing Needs:

Custom closets are adaptable to changing needs. As your lifestyle evolves, so can your closet. Whether you acquire new belongings or transition between seasons, the flexibility of a custom closet accommodates these changes with ease. This adaptability is particularly valuable for homeowners in Toronto and Ontario.

Enhance Home Value:

Investing in custom closets is an investment in your home’s value. Potential buyers in Toronto or Ontario appreciate the thought and attention to detail that custom closets bring to a property. It becomes a unique selling point that sets your home apart in the competitive real estate market.

Unlocking your home style story begins with the customization of closets. Whether revamping a small space in Toronto or enhancing a larger home in Ontario, the journey of one custom closet dream at a time unfolds a narrative of personalization and functionality.


Say Goodbye to Clutter: Toronto’s Top Home Organization Breakthrough


Are you tired of clutter and mess? 2024 is the time to bid farewell to clutter and embrace a new era of home organization. Add a wall cabinet, custom walk-in closet, or modern closet organization system. Discover breakthrough strategies to declutter your space and make your home a haven of order and serenity.

Custom Closets: A Game-Changer for Organizing Goals

In the fast-paced world of 2024, where time is a precious commodity and clutter can easily accumulate, investing in a custom closet or wall cabinet with a personalized storage system has become a game-changer for individuals striving to meet their organizing goals. 

Custom closets and walk-in closets are designed to offer a tailored storage solution that meets the specific needs of the individual or family. These closets take into account the dimensions of the available space, ensuring every inch is utilized to its fullest potential. 

By integrating various storage features such as shelves, drawers, racks, and hangers, custom closets provide an efficient and practical storage solution for all types of clothing, accessories, and other items. Not only are they functional, but they also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a room, creating a sense of order and organization. You can say goodbye to cluttered spaces with a custom closet and enjoy a visually pleasing and functional storage solution.

Customization Options for Modern Storage Systems

The customization options available in modern storage systems enable users to create designated compartments for various items, from clothing and accessories to shoes and other belongings. 

Adjustable shelves, pull-out drawers, and specialized racks cater to specific organizational needs, allowing users to create a system that accommodates their lifestyle. 

This level of personalization not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the closet but also facilitates a streamlined daily routine, as individuals can easily locate and access their belongings without the frustration of searching through clutter.

Incorporating Smart Storage Solutions

Automated features, such as sensor-activated lighting, climate control, and inventory management systems, offer a seamless and intuitive organizing experience. This blend of functionality and innovation simplifies the storage process and aligns with the modern lifestyle, empowering individuals to achieve their organizing goals effortlessly in the evolving landscape of 2024.

Effective Decluttering Methodologies

Start by adopting effective decluttering methodologies. The KonMari method, made famous by Marie Kondo, encourages you to keep only items that “spark joy.” Another approach is the 4-box method: keep, donate, trash, and relocate. Tailor your method to fit your lifestyle and say goodbye to unnecessary possessions.

Maximizing Storage Solutions

Toronto homes often demand creative storage solutions. Invest in multi-functional furniture like ottomans with hidden storage or wall-mounted shelves. Utilize under-bed storage containers and closet organizers to maximize space and keep belongings in order.

Contact Superior Closets Today

This is the year to embrace a clutter-free lifestyle. Custom closets and smart storage solutions are the perfect way to achieve your organizing goals. By adopting effective decluttering methodologies and maximizing storage solutions, you can transform your home into a haven of order and serenity.


The Secret to Making a Small Space Feel Huge


Are you tired of feeling cramped in your small living space? The solution might be closer than you think – custom closets. The strategic design of these closets and more can work wonders in making your room appear larger than it actually is. Let’s delve into the ways custom closets create the illusion of more square footage.

Purge and Analyze Your Space

The initial step towards achieving a more spacious feel is to assess your belongings. Conduct a thorough purge, eliminating anything unnecessary. This quick decluttering enhances visual appeal and sets the stage for an organized space. Following this, analyze how you utilize the room. Tailor your custom closet and more to maximize the efficiency of your activities.

Maximizing Storage Space

Custom closet companies employ ingenious space-saving techniques to optimize storage. Hanging rods that extend from corner to corner provide additional hanging room. Adjustable shelving offers flexibility to accommodate changing storage needs. Incorporating drawers on rollers and pull-out racks ensures easy accessibility while keeping items hidden.

Vertical Space and Doors

Make the most of every inch of vertical space, extending from the floor to the ceiling. Utilize floor-to-ceiling hinged doors to maximize wall space. Implement shelving that spans the entire height of the walls, with upper cabinets reserved for items rarely accessed. Tall and narrow shelving units are excellent for conserving floor space. Explore space-saving door styles such as pocket and sliding doors that don’t require traditional swing clearance. Consider using glass doors to allow natural light to penetrate, creating an open and airy feel. Mirrored doors can also contribute by reflecting light and making rooms feel more expansive.

Multi-functional Storage Furniture Pieces

Integrate multi-functional storage furniture pieces to further optimize your space. For example, an ottoman with a lift-up lid can serve as both shoe storage and extra seating. Under-bed drawers can be repurposed as custom nightstands. Wall beds with built-in storage cabinets can transform into a sofa or workstation, offering versatility in a compact setup.

Proper Lighting and Mirrors

Small spaces benefit greatly from proper lighting and mirrors. Install strip LED lights on shelving to enhance visibility and brighten up the space. Hanging a large mirror on the back wall of a closet can create the illusion of depth, making the room feel more expansive.

Reclaim Your Space With Savvy Custom Closet Design

Customizing storage around your specific needs and incorporating space-saving design tricks can significantly impact the perceived size of a room. Well-designed closets keep belongings neatly contained, contributing to the overall openness of a space. Embrace the strategic use of custom closets to create the illusion of a larger area, allowing you to make the most of your living space and enjoy a more open and expansive home.


Closet Disaster to Beautiful Walk-in Paradise


Are you tired of opening your closet doors and feeling overwhelmed by the mess inside? Do you need help finding your favorite outfits in the sea of chaos, or worse, discover that some of your clothes are wrinkled, creased, or damaged due to the lack of organization? Is your overall bedroom or living room decor just a cluttered mess? If you’re nodding along, it might be time for a closet transformation. 

1. Assess Your Needs

The first step in turning your closet disaster into a beautiful walk-in paradise is to assess your needs. Think about your clothing collection, accessories, and your desire to use the space. And how can new storage enhance your bedroom or living room decor Custom designers will work with you to understand your unique requirements and preferences, ensuring that the final design meets your specific needs.

2. Declutter and Edit

Before you can create a beautiful walk-in paradise, you need to declutter and edit your wardrobe. It’s the perfect time to get rid of clothing you no longer wear, donate items that are in good condition, and toss out anything that’s damaged beyond repair. This will free up valuable space and make the transformation process smoother.

3. Optimize Storage Space

One of the main reasons closets become a disaster is insufficient storage. Custom designers can help you maximize your storage space by incorporating solutions like adjustable shelving, hanging rods, drawers, and specialized compartments for shoes, handbags, and accessories. These solutions will not only keep your items organized but also ensure they’re easily accessible.

4. Lighting is Key

A well-lit closet is a beautiful closet. Consider installing both ambient and task lighting. Ambient lighting creates an inviting atmosphere, while task lighting ensures you can see the details of your clothing. Custom designers will help you choose the right lighting fixtures and placements for your walk-in paradise.

5. Use High-Quality Materials

Investing in high-quality materials is essential for a stunning closet transformation. Custom designers can guide you in choosing the best materials for your space. Durable materials will ensure your closet not only looks beautiful but also stands the test of time.

6. Incorporate a Vanity Area

If you have the space, consider adding a vanity area within your walk-in closet. It can serve as a makeup station or a place to accessorize your outfits. A well-designed vanity area can add a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

7. Add a Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is a must in any walk-in paradise. It’s practical and visually enlarges the space and adds a touch of elegance. Custom designers can help you choose the perfect placement and frame style for your mirror.

8. Personalize Your Space

Your walk-in paradise should reflect your style. Custom designers can help you personalize your closet by choosing the right finishes, colors, and decorative elements. This personal touch will make your closet not only functional but also a reflection of your taste and personality.

9. Make Use of Accessories

Remember to incorporate accessories in your walk-in paradise. These can include hooks for scarves and hats, pull-out tie racks, and pull-out belt racks. Accessories add functionality and organization to your space while ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

10. Professional Installation

A beautiful walk-in paradise requires professional installation. Custom designers work with skilled craftsmen to ensure your design is flawlessly executed. From precise measurements to the final installation, professionals will take care of every detail, making the transformation process stress-free.

Your transformed closet will enhance your daily routine and add a touch of luxury to your home. It’s time to say goodbye to closet chaos and hello to your own walk-in paradise. Call Superior Closets today.


Clever Storage Solutions for Living Small


Living in a small space can be both cozy and charming, but it often presents a challenge regarding storage. However, with the right approach to custom closets and closet organization systems, you can maximize your available space and keep your living area clutter-free and functional. Explore some clever storage solutions to maximize your limited space.

Small Living Space Solutions

Investing in closet space can be a game-changer for small living spaces. Here are some ways custom closets can make a difference:

Tailored to Your Needs: Closets are designed for your belongings and lifestyle. They can be customized to accommodate your wardrobe, shoes, accessories, and more. With custom solutions, every inch of space is used efficiently.

Built-In Efficiency: Closets often include built-in features like shelving, drawers, hanging rods, and specialized compartments for various items. These features make it easier to keep your belongings organized and accessible.

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage: Closets can extend from the floor to the ceiling to maximize vertical space. This design provides ample storage and creates a clean and streamlined look.

Closet Organization Systems

Closet organization systems are another valuable addition to small living spaces. These systems are designed to optimize storage and keep your belongings tidy. How they can help:

Adjustable Shelves: Many closet organization systems offer adjustable shelves. This flexibility allows you to adapt the storage configuration as your needs change over time. You can easily reposition shelves to accommodate different items, from folded clothes to shoes and accessories.

Drawers and Dividers: Closet systems often include drawers with dividers, making it simple to organize small items like socks, belts, and jewelry. Dividers keep items separated and prevent them from getting jumbled together.

Double Hanging Rods: Utilize vertical space efficiently by incorporating double hanging rods into your closet organization system. This design feature is excellent for storing shirts, blouses, and pants, doubling your hanging space without requiring more square footage.

Pull-Out Accessories: Some closet systems feature pull-out accessories like tie and belt racks, jewelry trays, and valet rods. These accessories help keep your accessories organized and easily accessible.

Wall-Mounted Shelves and Hooks

When floor space is limited, look to your walls for additional storage:

Floating Shelves: Wall-mounted shelves provide a place to display decorative items, books, or small storage bins. They can be installed in any room, including the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Hooks and Pegs: Install hooks and pegs on your walls to hang coats, hats, bags, or even kitchen utensils. These versatile storage solutions keep items organized and within easy reach.

Fold-Down Desks and Murphy Beds

For small home offices or guest rooms, consider fold-down desks and Murphy beds:

Fold-Down Desk: A fold-down desk can be mounted on the wall and used as a workspace when needed. When not in use, it can be folded up to save space.

Murphy Bed: A Murphy bed is a space-saving bed that can be stored vertically against the wall when not in use. This allows you to free up floor space in a small bedroom or guest room.

Call Superior Closets for Your Custom Storage Needs

With these clever storage solutions, you can make the most of your small living space, keeping it organized and clutter-free. Combining these ideas’ll create a functional and stylish living space that feels larger and more organized than ever before. Contact Superior Closets today.


Small Space, Big Style: Creative Storage Solutions


Living in a small space doesn’t mean sacrificing style or organization. You can maximize every inch to create a functional and fashionable closet with clever solutions. Clever small apartment living room interior design makes a big difference. Custom closets and closet organizer systems make optimizing even the tiniest areas easy. Here are some creative ideas to give your small closet a big makeover.

Built-In Custom Closet

A built-in custom closet provides a polished storage solution for awkward nooks and unfinished basement spaces. Work with a carpenter to construct the closet framing into the available space. Add prefabricated shelving, hanging rods, and drawers configured to suit your needs. Melamine, wood, and wire shelving materials work well. Top with crown moulding for a built-in look for a beautiful living room interior design look.

Paint or stain the finished closet to coordinate with your décor. Customize with glass doors, lighting, or specialty pull-outs for shoes, ties, belts, and more.

Reach-In Closet Organizer

Reach-in closets are narrow spaces between walls or in alcoves. Maximize vertical storage with a reach-in closet organizer system. Choose from wood, metal, or adjustable wire racking. Install a tower unit in the corner to double hanging and shelving capacity. Add a closet rod and shelves above shorter hanging space. 

Underbed pull-out drawers on rollers can substitute for bottom shelving. Hang shoe organizers, belt racks, and hooks on the backs of doors. Utilize baskets, fabric cubes, and other accessories to contain clutter.

Wall-Mount Closet Organizer

Small walk-in closets gain storage with a wall-mount system. Start with a track installed at the ceiling. Hang standards with adjustable shelves and rods suspended from the track. Use decorative hooks for bags, belts, and ties. Stackable plastic drawers or cubbies mount between the poles for folded clothes. 

Add freestanding mesh drawers and slide-out trays. Install a closet rod below for short hanging space. Wall-mount systems keep floors clear and make use of air space.

Freestanding Closet Organizer

Freestanding storage units allow you to retrofit any room into an organized closet. To customize your needs, look for units with adjustable shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. Target freestanding organizers made by ClosetMaid, Rubbermaid, and IKEA. Position tall wardrobes or combo dresser/hanging units to partition a room. 

Use modular bookcases and cubbies to build your system. Top with decorative baskets and matching hangers for a cohesive look. Freestanding pieces bring flexibility to awkward layouts.

Contact Superior Closets Today

No matter the size, a well-organized closet promotes tidiness. With customized racks, drawers, and smart solutions, small spaces can hold everything inside. Consult closet professionals or take on DIY projects to create your ideal layout. Use every inch efficiently and transform how you store clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. The results will be a closet maximizing each square foot with form and function. Contact us today.

closet organizer systems

Maximize Your Space: Genius Storage Solutions for Small Homes

closet organizer systems

Living in small homes and compact living spaces is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas due to limited availability and high housing costs. Although it can be cozy and efficient, it can also pose challenges when it comes to storage. However, with some creative thinking like custom organizer systems and smart planning, you can optimize your space and turn your small abode into a functional and clutter-free haven.  

Embrace Vertical Storage

When space is scarce, look upward. Vertical storage solutions make the best use of unused wall space. Install wall-mounted shelves, racks, closet organizer systems, and cabinets to store books, decorations, and everyday items. Over-the-door organizers are ideal for shoes, accessories, and cleaning supplies. Vertical storage not only frees up floor space but also adds a visually appealing dimension to your home decor.

Multipurpose Furniture

Invest in multifunctional furniture to optimize your small home. A sofa bed or daybed with storage underneath saves space and accommodates guests comfortably. Coffee tables with built-in storage or nesting tables can be easily tucked away when not in use. Beds with drawers underneath or loft beds with built-in desks provide excellent space-saving solutions for bedrooms.

Hidden storage compartments are the epitome of genius storage solutions. Furniture pieces with concealed storage, such as ottomans with removable tops, can hold blankets, pillows, or other items. Consider a storage bench by the entryway to keep shoes and accessories organized or a hollow ottoman for everyday essentials that stay out of sight.

Utilize Wasted Spaces

Make use of every nook and cranny in your home. Convert under-stair storage into an organized space for shoes, coats, or a mini-library. The area above cabinets or kitchen shelves can store seldom-used items or kitchen appliances only brought out occasionally. Install floating shelves in tight corners to display decorative pieces and free up precious counter space.

An organized closet is essential for maximizing space in small homes. Install a customizable closet system with shelves, drawers, and hanging space that can be tailored to fit your belongings neatly. Utilize slimline hangers to save space and maximize the number of garments you can hang. Utilize the back of the closet door for additional storage with hooks or organizers.

Optimize Kitchen Storage

Kitchens can become cluttered quickly, but there are many smart storage solutions to keep them tidy. Install a pegboard on an empty wall to hang pots, pans, and utensils. Magnetic knife strips free up valuable counter space while keeping your knives accessible. Stackable containers and bins help organize pantry items efficiently, and pull-out cabinet organizers maximize storage in deep cabinets.

Embrace Minimalism

Finally, one of the most effective strategies for small home storage is embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Reduce clutter and keep only items that are truly essential or hold sentimental value. Regularly declutter your space and donate or sell items you no longer need. A clutter-free environment not only creates a sense of serenity but also makes it easier to maintain an organized living space.

Remember, the key is to declutter and stay organized consistently to maintain a harmonious and functional living environment. Contact us today.


Maximize Your Space: Clever Storage Solutions


When it comes to keeping our homes organized, having sufficient storage space of the living room is essential. Custom closets, walk-in closets, and organization closet systems are all excellent options for maximizing your space and ensuring everything has its place. This article will explore the benefits of these storage solutions and how they can help you achieve a clutter-free and well-organized home.

Custom Closets: Tailored to Your Needs

Custom closets are designed for your space and storage requirements. Whether you have a small reach-in closet or a larger walk-in closet, custom solutions can be designed to maximize every inch of available space of the living room. 

Here’s why custom closets are worth considering:

Optimal Use of Space: Custom closets are built to fit your specific dimensions, ensuring no space is wasted. Every nook and cranny can be utilized efficiently, from floor to ceiling, with features like adjustable shelves, hanging rods, shoe racks, and drawers.

Personalization: With a custom closet, you can personalize the design and organization features according to your preferences. You can choose the number of shelves, the height of hanging rods, and the types of compartments that best suit your storage needs.

Increased Functionality: Custom closets are designed with your lifestyle in mind. They can be tailored to accommodate specific items, such as long dresses, folded clothes, shoes, accessories, or even specialized storage for jewelry or ties. This ensures that everything has a designated place, making it easier to find and access your belongings.

Walk-in Closets: A Luxurious Storage Haven

If you have the space, a walk-in closet is the epitome of luxury and convenience. Walk-in closets offer many benefits that can transform your storage experience:

Ample Storage Capacity: Walk-in closets provide abundant storage space for your entire wardrobe and more. They can accommodate hanging garments, shelves for folded items, shoe racks, and even space for a dressing table or seating area. The additional space allows for better organization and easier access to your belongings.

Enhanced Organization: A larger walk-in closet allows for better organization and separation of different clothing categories. You can have designated sections for dresses, shirts, pants, and accessories, making it easier to find what you need without rummaging through a cramped space.

Room for Personalization: With a walk-in closet, you can add personal touches and create a space that reflects your style. Incorporate elements like a full-length mirror, stylish lighting fixtures, or decorative accents to make your walk-in closet feel like a luxurious boutique.

Organization Closet Systems: Modular and Flexible Solutions

Organization closet systems offer modular and flexible storage solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. These systems typically include various components, such as shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and baskets. Here’s why organization closet systems are a smart choice:

Easy Installation: They are designed for easy installation, making them a convenient option for homeowners. They typically come with pre-designed components and instructions, allowing you to assemble and install them without professional assistance.

Versatility and Adaptability: These systems offer versatility and adaptability to changing storage needs. As your needs evolve, you can reconfigure the system to accommodate new items or adjust the layout to optimize the storage space.

Budget-Friendly: Organization closet systems are often more affordable than custom-built or walk-in closets. They provide a cost-effective solution for achieving a well-organized space without breaking the bank.

Maximize Your Space and Declutter Your Home

Investing in custom closets, walk-in closets, or organization closet systems can revolutionize how you store and organize your belongings. These storage solutions offer personalized options, efficient use of space, increased functionality, and the ability to declutter your home. 

Whether you have a small space or ample room, there is a storage solution that can fit your needs and help you create a tidy and organized living environment. Maximize your space and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free home today. Call Superior Closets today!


7 Genius Home Design Hacks for Small Spaces


Are you tired of clutter? Discover genius home design hacks for small spaces, focusing on remodelling your closet. Limited space shouldn’t restrict your creativity or functionality. By implementing these hacks, you can transform and remodel the closet into a smart, stylish space that maximizes every square inch.

1 Utilize Vertical Space

In a small closet, vertical space is your secret weapon. Install adjustable shelves, hanging organizers, or stackable storage solutions to maximize every inch. Use the entire closet height to store clothing, shoes, and accessories, freeing up valuable floor space. Remodel your closet with a professional design team to make the most of your space. 

2 Opt for Multi-Functional Furniture

Choose multi-functional furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes. For example, consider a storage ottoman with blankets or shoes or a bed with built-in drawers for extra clothing storage. These versatile pieces eliminate the need for separate storage units. 

3 Embrace Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent design hack for small spaces as they create an illusion of depth and reflect light, making the area appear larger and brighter. Consider incorporating mirrored closet doors or wall mirrors strategically to expand your space visually.

4 Use Light Colours

Light-coloured walls, furniture, and accessories can make a small space more open and airy. Opt for neutral tones, pastels, or whites to create an illusion of spaciousness. Additionally, choose furniture and decor with a streamlined design to avoid visual clutter.

5 Implement Smart Storage Solutions

Invest in smart storage solutions to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. Use hanging organizers for scarves and belts, install hooks on the back doors for bags and coats, or incorporate pull-out drawers or bins under the bed for extra storage. These small additions can make a significant difference in maximizing your closet’s functionality.

6 Embrace Natural Light

Maximize natural light sources to brighten up your small space. Keep windows unobstructed, use sheer or light-filtering curtains, and position mirrors strategically to reflect natural light. This creates a fresh, open atmosphere, making your small space more inviting. Create warm comfort. 

7 Optimize Wall Space

Take notice of the potential of your walls for storage. Install floating shelves, wall-mounted hooks, or pegboards to store and display items vertically. This frees up floor space and adds a decorative element.

When tackling your closet remodel or any small space design project, consider consulting professionals specializing in small space solutions. They can offer personalized recommendations and guide you in creating a well-designed, efficient, and stylish space that meets your unique needs and enhances your business’s functionality. 

Get creative, think outside the box, and enjoy the process of transforming your small space into a haven of style and functionality. Contact the experts at Superior Closets today. Our talented team will be happy to partner with you to create the perfect closet design. Call us today for your initial consultation. 


How do I remodel my house on a tight budget?


Remodelling your house on a tight budget can seem daunting, but it is possible with some creativity and strategic planning. The key is to maximize your space and invest in multi-functional pieces and custom closet systems that serve multiple purposes. Here are some tips on remodelling your house on a tight budget.

Plan Ahead

Before starting any renovation project, it’s important to have a plan in place. This will help you stay on budget and prevent unexpected expenses. Make a list of the areas in your home that need improvement, and prioritize them based on their importance. Include costs from remodelling to installing custom closet systems to new smart lighting. Consider hiring a professional to help you create a detailed plan.

Maximize Your Space

One of the best ways to remodel your house on a budget is to maximize the space you already have. This means using all the nooks and crannies in your home, such as under the stairs, the attic or basement, and the corners of rooms. You can add shelves, storage cabinets, walk-in closets, and built-in seating to these areas to create functional spaces that are also visually appealing.

Storage Solutions

Investing in storage solutions is another great way to maximize your space. A closet system and walk-in closets can help keep your clothes and accessories organized while creating a streamlined look in your bedroom. Built-in bookcases, cabinets, and shelving in the living room can help you display your favourite books, photos, and decorative items while providing additional storage space.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a great investment when remodelling your home on a budget. Pieces such as a sofa bed, a coffee table with storage, or a dining table that doubles as a workspace can serve multiple purposes and save you money on buying separate pieces of furniture. Additionally, furniture with a minimalist design can make small spaces feel larger and more open.

DIY Projects

Doing some of the work yourself can also help save money on a remodel. You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish with research and some elbow grease. Painting walls, laying tile, and installing new fixtures are all projects that can be tackled with some basic DIY skills. However, it’s important to know your limitations and when to call in a professional.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Energy-efficient upgrades may seem expensive at first, but they can save you money in the long run. Upgrading your insulation, replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones, and installing a programmable thermostat can help you save on energy bills and create a more comfortable living environment.

Focus on High-Impact Areas

If you’re remodelling your home on a budget, it’s important to focus on high-impact areas that will make the biggest difference. This may include upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, which can greatly improve the value and functionality of your home. Simple upgrades such as new cabinet hardware, a fresh coat of paint, or updated light fixtures can go a long way in these spaces.

Call Superior Closets Today

Remodelling your house on a tight budget requires creativity and strategic planning. You can create a beautiful and functional home without breaking the bank by maximizing your space, investing in storage solutions and multifunctional furniture, and focusing on high-impact areas. Contact Superior Closets today for all your storage needs. We will be happy to help you.

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Does a Custom Closet Add Value to My Home?

closets 1

When it comes to adding value to your home, there are various ways you can go about it. One option that many homeowners may overlook is investing in a custom closet. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, a well-designed closet can make a big difference in your home’s value. In this blog, we’ll explore why custom closets can add value to your home.

Maximizing Space

One of the main benefits of a custom closet is that it maximizes the available space. With  custom closets, you can tailor the design to your needs, making the most of the available space. This means you can fit more into your closet, which can be particularly appealing to potential buyers looking for storage solutions.

Increased Functionality

A custom closet can also increase the functionality of your space. With a personalized design, you can incorporate features that will make your closet more efficient and user-friendly. For example, you may include additional shelving, drawers, or hanging space to accommodate your wardrobe. When potential buyers see a closet that has been thoughtfully designed for maximum functionality, they are more likely to see the value in the space.

Improved Aesthetics

Another reason a custom closet can add value to your home is that it can improve the overall aesthetics of your space. When potential buyers walk into a closet that has been beautifully designed and organized, it can be a big selling point. A well-designed closet looks good and can make the space feel larger and more inviting.

Higher Resale Value

While it may require an initial investment, a custom closet can pay off in the long run. Potential buyers who see a well-designed closet may be willing to pay more for the home. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, a walk-in closet in the master bedroom is one of the most desirable home features for buyers. This means that investing in a custom closet can increase your home’s resale value.


A custom closet allows you to personalize the space to your unique needs and preferences. This is particularly valuable for homeowners with specific storage needs or a large wardrobe. With a custom closet, you can create a space that perfectly suits your lifestyle, which can be a big selling point for potential buyers looking for a home that meets their needs.


A custom closet is also likely to be more durable than a standard closet. With high-quality materials and expert installation, a custom closet can last many years without needing repairs or replacement. This means that potential buyers can feel confident in the quality of the space, which can be a big selling point.

Increased Organizational Skills

Finally, a custom closet can help you develop better organizational skills, which can be valuable for potential buyers. A well-organized closet can make the rest of the home feel more orderly and put together. This is particularly appealing to buyers looking for a move-in ready home.

Contact Superior Closets Today

A custom closet can add value to your home in various ways. From maximizing space to increasing functionality and improving aesthetics, a well-designed closet can be a big selling point for potential buyers. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply improve your quality of life, investing in a custom closet is a smart choice. Contact our incredible design team at Superior Closets today. We would love to help you.


6 Living Room Organization Ideas to Maximize Space


Are you absolutely stressed out with clutter and a messy living room? No worries! We are the storage experts. Your living room closet can benefit from extra attention for storage, organization, or decoration purposes. And if you want to maximize your space truly, sometimes speaking with a seasoned contractor for a home remodel and closet installation can make a big difference. Try these great organization ideas that will inspire you to declutter today!

1 Invest in a Custom Closet Organization System

A closet organization system is a great way to arrange and store items in your living room. It consists of shelves, drawers and hanging rods that can be easily customized according to the size and needs of your space. You can maximize storage space by creatively organizing smaller items such as books, toys, magazines, and other knick-knacks while creating an aesthetically pleasing space. A professional contractor for home remodel and closets can easily transform your living room storage space.

2 Add Hanging Organizers 

Hanging organizers are essential for creating order out of chaos in any closet! You can use this item to hang up items such as heavy coats, jackets and other garments that otherwise wouldn’t fit into a drawer or bin. Maximize the height of your closet so even if you’re short on space, that won’t be an issue.

3 Install Drawer Dividers 

Drawer dividers make organizing matching clothing items easier than ever. Having dividers at hand keeps things efficiently sorted. You know where everything is at all times – no more rummaging for the kids’ missing socks and gloves required! They come in all kinds of sizes. Customize them according to your needs.  

4 Add Shoe Racks 

Shoe racks are must-have closet organizers! Shelves come in various styles from metal grids to wood racks. Never worry about shoes piling up. Stackable shoe racks save space and give you plenty of space for every piece of footwear!

5 Install Custom Shelving with Labeled Bins

Adding custom shelves will make the most of your living room space, from floor-to-ceiling. After having your custom shelving and closet organizer installed, further divide small items into carefully labelled bins: 

  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Caps
  • Masks
  • Summer footwear

Splurge on clear plastic containers with efficient lid sealing capabilities. Keep your items clean and ready for next season. Save your summer footwear, like flip-flops and sandals, and clean and stored them until you need them. Hide away piles of scarves and gloves till next winter – out of sight!

6 Add an Entertainment Center with Hidden Storage

Many of us use our living room for both entertainment and work. Whether it’s piles of kids’ homework or electronics used for working remotely – having a place to store all these items away is necessary. A high-quality entertainment unit will help you keep the items handy and nearby without having to worry about seeing daily clutter. 

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