Decluttering Your Closets for 2022

With it being one month into the new year, you might be hungry for some change. In our case, now is the perfect time to perform the New Year’s closet cleanout. In this way, your resolution can become better organized to reduce your stress levels. 

Below are some ways you can include this with your resolution. 

#1: Take Stock of What You Need

When looking through your closet space, ask yourself what you need. You might be one of the work-at-home people going back to your company, but you still have a cardboard box of office supplies collecting dust. Ask yourself the question: do you need this? 

If the answer is no, find a way to get rid of it. If the answer is maybe later, drill into that to ensure you don’t have something else for it. If you haven’t seen it used for the past six months, chances are it’s good to be tossed away. 

#2: Spot Duplicates of Things

When collecting household items, finding more of one thing is prevalent. But after getting 17 wooden spoons and a bunch of other kitchen stuff, you might find yourself using one or two. 

Anything that you already have something of shouldn’t have more than three. When we are talking kitchen utensils, you can justify two spatulas, but it gets excessive if you have three or four. 

A big part of the decluttering process is to take stock of what you use. So if you aren’t using your third soup spoon, get rid of it.

#3: Check Your Current Style

Your clothes closet is full of various things that you’ve collected. But when was the last time you did a style check to see if you even like your stuff. 

Clothing items get the worst treatment in this, as you always buy new things when your style changes (totally understandable). However, you might find it challenging to get rid of the old style in for a myriad of excuses:

  • What if I like it again?
  • It’s still in good condition.
  • I’ve always wanted to find a use for this.

If you can’t find a use for t now, the chances are that you won’t find a service for it for a while. By the time you do, it will be so far back into your closet you won’t remember having it in the first place! Everyone does it, but it’s time to move on. 

#4: Sentimental Items are Not Memories

Any item of clothing becomes more challenging when you have a memory connected to it. However, it’s essential to understand that memories aren’t clothes; it’s okay to get rid of them. 

If it is a small item, you might be able to excuse this. However, more oversized items (like old prom dresses) don’t age very well. Keeping the dress when you have no plans to use it again is unnecessary. 


In many cases, good organization comes down to the quality of your closet. So if you want a wardrobe/cabinet/pantry that can handle your diverse needs, contact our team today

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