Four Methods You Can Use To Organize Your Clothes Closet

It seems like you always spend too much time digging through your closet to find something. Regardless of your best efforts, new things keep getting added to the pile. As a result, the stack has become a bit overwhelming. This happens to the best of us, which is why you look at these methods you can use to organize your clothes closet.

Below are some tips we are going to discuss in detail:

  • Be prepared to get rid of some things
  • Divide your clothes by category
  • Invest in a step stool to use the top half of your closet
  • Roll less important clothing into boxes

Let’s dig into how these tips can help you out below.  

#1: Be Prepared to Get Rid of Some Things

Whenever you start digging through your closet, ask yourself these questions with anything you find:

  • Do you use it?
  • Does it make you happy?
  • Is it in good condition?

One of the most challenging parts of organization skills comes from your willingness to let go of some things. If you are unwilling to do so, you will almost always find yourself running out of room.

You can do this with some items by accepting that they’ve served their purpose. For example, still owning your prom dress if you don’t plan on passing it onto your kids may not be necessary.

#2: Divide Your Clothes By Category

As you are sorting through, you should be thinking about clothes by category. These categories can include formal, casual, swimwear, warm, and anything else that comes to mind. The idea is to give each type of clothing a place.

If you know your categories, you can ask yourself the question: “what are my categories?” This question will tell you what place your clothing will likely be.

#3; Invest in a Step Stool

Those who own a high closet almost always neglect their top-shelf. You might have a third-place bowling trophy from 1973 up there. Without having access to it for some time, you rarely know. That’s why you need to have a visible step stool nearby.

The step stool will give you access to the top shelf, allowing you have regular access. This regular access will encourage you to place items that you use up there. It’s also another place where you can remove clutter.  

#4: Roll Less Important Clothing Into Boxes

People who own a wide variety of different types of clothes often assume you need to hang them up always. However, workout clothes and casual wear do not need the same treatment. For these, you can roll them up and place them into a storage location.

Consider labeling the storage location based on clothes category: workout, t-shirts, sleepwear, etc. This effort will ensure you know what’s in the boxes, reducing your search time.

Final Thoughts

Organizational skills can be a tricky thing with closets. Still, you can solve most of your problems by getting rid of some stuff and categorizing everything else. If you want a more official way of making your organizational dreams come true, consider seeking help with your closet organizers.

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