Are Wall Beds Comfortable?

Sometimes, the available floor space in your home doesn’t help you sleep. A mattress takes up a lot of room, and some sofa beds are pretty uncomfortable. To address small space limitations, you should consider a wall bed, otherwise known as a murphy bed. 

What is a Wall Bed? 

A wall bed is connected to the wall with a hinge. When this bed is not in use, a platform containing the mattress can swing back up against the wall. This feature means you can sleep easily during the night but don’t have to worry about size limitations as much during the day. 

When going back to the “are they comfortable” question, we direct you to a couple of different situations:

The Thickness of the Mattress

A murphy bed’s mattress needs to be strong enough to support the person sleeping in it. That means regardless of underneath the mattress, a quality wall bed starts with the bed itself. If your mattress is shoddy, you aren’t going to get a good night’s sleep. 

Sleeper sofas involve relocating couch cushions and using the underside. That means that typically these kinds of sofas cannot contain good mattresses. If your sofa bed is for guests, you may not need to worry about comfort to the same degree. But if you are sleeping on it every night, the closet space level is typically better than the level of sofa space. 

Different Priorities

Wall beds in your closet and sofa sleepers do not prioritize comfort. That means despite their best efforts, they will never be as comfortable as your standard beds. When trading your spaces for comfort, that means your bed needs to conform to your needs. 

That being said, you can get a quality mattress and bedding to help with this. Both sleeper sofas and wall beds have the potential to provide some level of space savings with comfort. However, that same idea doesn’t apply to blow-up mattresses. 

Why Don’t I Get A Blow-up Bed?

If your highest priority is space-saving and simplicity, you may be tempted to get a blow-up bed as your primary option. They are easy storage, which you can roll up and stuff into a closet. However, blow-up beds have a variety of problems you might run into: 

  • Longevity: Blow-up beds are not for continuous usage. If you sleep on them every night, they will eventually deform. 
  • Bad for your back: Blow-up beds do not conform to the natural shape of your spine. When blown to full capacity, they can be incredibly firm. That firmness may be suitable for some, but not for most backs.
  • Not design-friendly: Part of the joy of wall beds or sofa beds is the addition of useful design elements. While there is some potential with blow-up mattresses, they aren’t typically those who prioritize having a comfortable living space. 

Final Thoughts

When asking whether your wall bed is comfortable, the bulk of this question goes back to the mattress. Closet beds are typically more beautiful in the long run, but a quality mattress will need to be purchased alongside that. If you are looking for methods to apply your close to space-saving measures, contact us to help you with your custom wall bed needs.

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