10 Cool Storage Solutions for Shoes

Storage Solutions TorontoEvery shoe lover eventually faces the same dilemma: where to put them. Managing your shoes can become quite a challenge once the number of pairs reaches a critical mass and outstrips your regular storage options. When that happens you have a couple of choices. You can just put them wherever and spend your life tripping over them or you can find new, innovative methods for keeping them organized, readily available and out of the way all at the same time. Below are 10 storage solutions a Toronto shoe aficionado might want to consider that make the most of available space.

Clever Shoe Storage Solutions Toronto

Finding enough space to safely store your shoes so that they’re out of the way yet always available is one of the great challenges of our time. Okay, maybe it’s not all that but it is important. Here are 10 cool solutions for the problem of shoe storage.
1. Shoes in the staircase – It’s not unusual to store shoes on the stairs. But what about in the stairs? Turning the space under each stair into a drawer for your shoes is a surprising solution.
2. Repurposing your bookcase – The book is something of an endangered species so bookcases today are not as full as they used to be. Use the excess space to store your shoes.
3. Install shelving – People are always installing shelves for photos and other things. Why not for shoes? A few shelves on the bedroom wall or in the walk in closet may be just what you need.
4. Use an ottoman – Storage ottomans are relatively easy to find. They give your place an added sense of hominess and provide the additional storage you need.
5. The folding screen solution – Lots of us have folding screens in our bedrooms. Hang pocket style shoe organizers over the screen sections to get your shoes off the floor.
6. A room divider – Contemporary room dividers make great storage solutions for Toronto homeowners. Instead of filling yours with knick knacks use it instead for shoe storage.
7. Use the china cabinet – Most people don’t have enough actual china to fill a china cabinet. If that describes you then put your cabinet on shoe storage duty.
8. Moulding above the doors – Most older homes have doorways with pretty elaborate moulding across the top. Use it to hang your heeled shoes from. It’s free and out of the way.
9. An old wooden ladder – If you don’t have an old wooden ladder you can probably find one at a garage sale. Bring it home, clean it up and stand it anywhere that’s out of the way. The rungs make perfect hangers for your heeled shoes.
10. Crown moulding as a rack – Cut some crown moulding into 3 or 4 foot strips and attach the sections to the wall one above the other. Then put small hooks on the moulding and hang your shoes from them.
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