Walk-In Closets Vs Freestanding Closets

Walk-In Closets TorontoIf you’ve had freestanding closets for what seems like forever and you’ve never felt that they’ve been the best solution for your storage needs, it is worth considering investing in a walk-in closet. In recent years the popularity of walk-in closets in Toronto has risen sharply (we’ve been going since 1991 and walk-in closets are now more popular than ever before!) and are now seen as a “must have” feature for the thousands of home seekers that are trying to find their ideal property in the GTA at any one time. But just why are they so much more desirable than a freestanding unit? If you’re currently looking to purchase a new closet, but are not quite sure which option you should put your faith (and money) in, then continue reading as we’re going to compare walk-in closets to freestanding units during this article.

Walk-In Closets: Are They a Superior Storage Solution?

Walk-in closets are not the best solution for everyone and it’s important to sit down and compare them to their freestanding counterparts from several different perspectives.

  • Space Available – A common complaint of freestanding closets is that they can take up a significant amount of space in a room and force you to change the layout of the room from how you would ideally like it. You don’t have the same problem with walk-in closets however, since they don’t actually take up any space in the room; they are safely tucked away and out of sight.
  • Storage Efficiency – No matter how big the freestanding closet is that you buy, it always seems to fill up pretty quickly. It’s not long before your clothing is being squashed together, which can cause it to smell and become creased. That’s obviously not ideal and walk-in closets can eliminate this issue, as every item that you need storing is allocated its own space and is allowed to “breathe.” Not only are walk-in closets more efficient in terms of the layout of the room not being affected, but they offer more space inside too.
  • Level of Organization – A disorganised closet can be the worst thing in the world, especially when you’re in a hurry, and it’s very easy for a freestanding closet to become disorganized as a result of the lack of interior space that we just mentioned. In a walk-in closet however, everything is allocated a specific section of the closet, is easy to spot and can be grabbed in just a couple of seconds. Much better than minutes of fumbling around in a freestanding unit to find the shirt that you want.
  • Safety Aspect – One feature that many client in Toronto have asked us to integrate into the design of walk in closets is a safe. Safes can be carefully hidden in these closets and are used to store a range of possessions from important personal documents to valuable items. While you could have a safe fitted in a freestanding unit, the fact that the closet is actually in the room increases the chances that a burglar will “check it out” and maybe find the safe.
  • Privacy – Another thing that walk-in closets can offer you that freestanding closets can’t is privacy. Walk-in closets can double up as a changing room, meaning you can get changed in peace even if someone is in your bedroom.

Superior Closets’ main priority is to ensure that you end up with the best storage solution for your situation. Sometimes walk-in closets are the best choice, while on other occasion custom closets (whether built-in or freestanding) make more sense. Call us today to arrange a free onsite consultation, during which we will listen to your needs, preferences and evaluate the space where the closet will be installed, before providing you with a recommendation based on our 24 years of industry experience.

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