Custom Cabinets: Here’s Why They are Worth the Investment

Custom CabinetsAs you have most probably become increasingly aware during your adult life, cabinets are an essential feature of the home and something that we simply couldn’t live without. If our homes didn’t have cabinets they would be a dysfunctional mess since their primary role is that of storage. Take a moment to think just how many items in your home are currently stored in cabinets. Can you imagine all of those items being simply laid out on the floor or piled in top of one another on your bed or sofa? It would be an absolute nightmare. However, they are not just a functional piece of furniture. Due to their prominence in most rooms, they also contribute to the appearance of the interior of your home considerably. When it comes time to replace worn cabinets or you need to select cabinets for a newly built home, many people instantly visit the website of a big box store or pick up the car keys to go and browse their selection of cabinets in person. However, there is a much better solution! Custom cabinets are far superior to those that are sold in big box stores and are something that we’ve been producing for homeowners in the Toronto area for close to 25 years. But just why are custom cabinets a better investment than store bought cabinets?

The Advantages of Choosing Custom Cabinets

We don’t just believe that custom cabinets are the better solution, we know that they are and have been educating Toronto residents about the advantages of investing in them since 1991. The only reason to choose a store bought option is the upfront cost (but not the overall cost as you will find out below) and any serious decision that is made on price alone is usually a bad one. Here’s why you should consider investing in custom cabinets:

  • Higher Quality Materials Used – The first thing to realise is that the materials used to produce the cabinets sold in big box stores aren’t worth anywhere near the money that you actually pay, and as a result of these sub-par materials being used, the longevity of your new cabinets is seriously affected. Most store bought cabinets are constructed using low quality particle board that isn’t capable of standing up to the rigors of daily use, meaning you will likely have to completely replace your cabinets in just a few years. Contrastingly, custom cabinets are typically constructed from solid hardwoods, with higher quality joints used to connect the various pieces (dovetail and mortise and tenon joints are common), meaning that you can enjoy using your cabinets for decades without worrying about the door falling off or the cabinet collapsing.
  • Tailored to Your Needs – Store bought cabinets aren’t made for you and that’s one of the big advantages that custom cabinets are able to offer you. When designing custom cabinets for your home, we take into account what will be stored in the cabinets and who will be using them, therefore perfectly matching their design with your exact requirements and preferences. Why buy cabinets that are bigger than you really need or cabinets that have a layout that you find awkward to use?
  • Integrate Into Your Home Effortlessly – As well as taking your requirements into consideration, we also carefully analyse the environment that the cabinets need to integrate into and come up with a design, colour and finish that does this effortlessly. When buying ready-made cabinets you are limited in terms of the designs that are available and you might not be able to find the perfect solution. With custom cabinets however, this is a given and the only limiting factor is your imagination.
  • Made to Measure – Not all rooms have a regular shape or layout and sometimes it can be difficult to find a ready-made solution that will fit. You may have to compromise and choose a cabinet that leaves ugly gaps showing. Custom cabinets are tailored to the exact dimensions of your room however and are guaranteed to fit perfectly.

There is simply no comparison between custom cabinets and store bought solutions, and even the single advantage that the latter does offer (lower upfront cost) is irrelevant since you will probably have to buy three of four sets of cabinets to match the lifespan of one set of custom cabinets. If you are interested in any of our storage solutions, whether it be custom cabinets, custom closets or walk-in closets get in touch with our Toronto based team.

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