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How to Choose the Right Entertainment Unit


Living room clutter getting you depressed? Unlock more space in your apartment or home with a contemporary custom entertainment unit. More than a TV stand, an entertainment center provides you with storage for media, electronics, and books. Hide away ugly clutter and enjoy the luxury of a custom entertainment unit perfectly designed for your home. What should you look for when choosing the right pieces for your living room? 

How Big is Your TV?

Before you decide on what type of entertainment unit you need, take the time to measure out your television. With a standard TV stand, your television sits on top of a stand. With a custom entertainment unit, the television is nestled within. You might want additional bookshelves, drawers, and storage. Because of this, it’s important to know the exact measurements of your television. Is your television hooked up to a console? Take that into account as well. 

What Size is Your Room? 

You might think that going big is always better. However, a very large entertainment centre might make a small living space seem cramped. Size up your room carefully. Would you need to move any furniture? How big is your sofa compared to the television? Should you move some furniture out of the room to make space for a quality entertainment unit? You want to sit at least four feet away from your television. If you aren’t sure what size unit works best for your home, just talk with one of our helpful designers here at Superior Closets. Our staff will be happy to help you find the custom unit that meets your needs. 

About Designs and Styles 

Will the television be the main focus of your room? If so, consider style and aesthetics when choosing your entertainment unit. This is a significant purchase that should last for a long time. Choose a high-quality material that has durability and reliability. Choose from a wide array of styles from modern and contemporary to more traditional styles. 

Do you want a free-standing unit, one with bookshelves, or something more modular and simple? Consider your lifestyle. Do you tend to work in the living room, and have extra electronics, a laptop, and books you would like to store out of sight? Or do you live a more minimalist lifestyle and prefer simplistic design? Perhaps a more functional bookshelf meets your needs better. Speak with your designer about the best style for you.

Choosing the Right Colour

Should you opt for a light-coloured wood or maybe a sleek black synthetic? Generally speaking, you want a lighter colour and white tones to brighten up a room. However, you might want something in ebony or matte black if you want to add some contrast. While not everyone wants to go bold with their entertainment center, you might want to experiment with a bolder red for something fun and uniquely quirky. Walnut and smoky ash remain popular favourites this year. 

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Superior Closet is a one-stop shop for all your storage needs. Select from an impressive selection of custom entertainment units, shelving, closets, and more. We promise to help you maximize the space in your home. Contact us today. Our friendly staff would love to speak with you.

Jun / 26

Do You Need a Walk-In Closet?

Enjoy the epitome of luxury with a gorgeous walk-in closet. Whether you have a smaller urban space with limited storage or a massive master bedroom with an outdated walk-in closet layout, the Superior Closet design team will work with you so you can have the closet you always wanted. What are the advantages of a walk-in closet? Besides incredible storage space, a walk-in closet can serve as a dressing room, reading space, or even a small home office. Let’s explore the benefits of contemporary walk-in closets.  

Not Your Average Closet 

In the past closets were just massive spaces full of old boxes, moth-ridden clothes, and broken tennis rackets. Today contemporary walk-in closets showcase the epitome of modern design. With gorgeous designs, increased hidden storage, and additional multifunctionality, today’s walk-in closets bring incredible satisfaction. Do you have a master bedroom with an outdated walk-in closet layout? No worries. We can help you update your closet with the latest: 

  • Custom lighting 
  • Full-length mirrors 
  • Dressing area space 
  • Custom hidden storage  
  • Modern storage systems 
  • Space for reading  
  • And more 

As you can see, you can customize your walk-in closet in whatever way you wish. Find the right design that fits your unique lifestyle.  

Space and More Space 

Our walk-in closets have a spacious layout to display clothing and accessories in a convenient and attractive way. Let us know what you need. Do you want a place to store photo albums or sports equipment? How about space for your formalwear or business suits? We will find the right storage system for you. Add extra storage for your accessories like your shoe collection or designer purses.  

Customized for You 

Don’t worry about having to dig through bins of old clothes or reach up high for an old box of baseball cards. We will work with you to design a closet space that fits your needs. We sit down with each client and find out what they need most from their new closet. We take into account your lifestyle, your aesthetic preferences, and the actual space. We recommend custom options perfect for you. 

A Luxurious Private Dressing Area 

Enjoy your own private dressing area. Superior Closets can outfit your walk-in closet with custom lighting, gorgeous mirrors, and a sitting area so you can dress each day in style. Display your clothing prominently so you can find what you need quickly. Feel like royalty in your new dressing space.  

Reading Area 

Believe it or not, many homeowners want to use their walk-in closet for quiet reading or as a compact home office. We can design a space that will work around your needs. Features like custom lighting, extra seating, and storage for books or electronics can transform your closet space into a multifunctional reading nook perfect for those moments that you want peace and quiet.  

Contact the seasoned design team at Superior Closets today. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you design the walk-in closet of your dreams. Call us today.  

May / 28

How to Make Your Living Room Look Like a Million Bucks 


Are you tired of your cluttered living room space? Make your living room look luxurious with a few quick changes. One of the top trending ways to transform your living room is investing in custom closet systems. More than places to store coats and hats, contemporary systems provide gorgeous storage solutions for entertainment, media, electronics, and home office needs.  

Clutter No More 

If your home looks like a big box store turned upside-down, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Many times, simply organizing your living room will restore its lustre and aesthetic beauty. Think about how elegant a clean, open space will be. And unlinks an expensive home remodel, custom storage systems fall within any budget. Save more money for important things in life and don’t stress. Your home needs to be your sanctuary. Maximize your space and enjoy making your living room a place you can relax after a hard day. Hit the reset button and rethink your living room.  

A Dual-Purpose Solution for Small Spaces 

For those who live in a smaller urban apartment or have a smaller floor plan, our storage systems provide essential multifunctionality. Need to hide away your laptop and clunky electronics? Or maybe you want to display your impressive vintage DVD collection? Store books, toys, and video game consoles. Speak with our seasoned designers about your specific needs. We will find the right solution that fits your particular taste and lifestyle. We also have other popular options like entertainment centers, custom cabinets, and luxurious walk-in closets. Talk with us to discover the possibilities.  

Why You Need a Pro 

You want your living room to look amazing. Sure, you can try to do it yourself, but the truth of the matter is an experienced designer can see possibilities where you might only see clutter. Every single centimetre of space matters in your home. Our designers will craft the perfect storage solution to make your living room not only functional but modern. Enjoy high-quality attention to detail and options that maximize efficiency and optimize beauty in your living room.  

Choose the Superior Closet Solution 

Superior Closets has been serving area homeowners for the last three decades. We help every client find the perfect storage solution for their home. If you are looking to truly upgrade your living room, give us a call. We would love to meet with you. During your designer consultation, we will discuss ways that our storage solutions can meet your specific needs and truly make the most of your home space. We also offer a wide variety of other products like Hunter Douglas window coverings and custom cabinetry.  

Not only do we have a free consultation, but we also offer a lifetime warranty with every job. And we will work within any budget, large or small. When you want custom cabinets and closets in the Toronto Area, call Superior Closets. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you today. 

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20 Best Bedroom Closet Organization Tips 


Is your cluttered closet stressing you out? Uncluttering your bedroom closet can make life seem a little easier. You need to find what you need quickly. Don’t waste any more time trying to find what you need for work in mounds of junk and clutter. We will share our top closet organization tips and tricks to help you find your tidy heaven. 

Before You Start 

Before we delve into our best bedroom closet tips, take the time to pull out all the junk and trash that you have stored in your closet. If you are familiar with the Maria Kondo approach to cleaning and organizing, the best thing you can do to declutter is to toss out what you don’t need. Yes, that might seem a little obvious, but really, when was the last time you wore that dress that’s gathered dust in your bedroom closet?  

Throw away any unnecessary trash. Set aside a bin for donations for the local homeless shelter or thrift shop. Donate used books to the local library. Share any working toys with friends with younger children. Once you have purged all the unnecessary items, jump to the next list of tips. 

20 Top Tips for Organizing 

Now you are ready to organize your bedroom. Trust me, you will feel much better once your closet is clean. Here you go. Our top twenty tips! 

  1. Invest in space savers like slim hangers, bins, baskets, and shelf dividers 
  1. Move everything you need to easily access to the very front of your closet 
  1. Leave top shelves for items you don’t use daily 
  1. Keep all shoes together in pairs 
  1. Hang hooks on doors to increase hanging space for your clothing 
  1. Group together shorter clothing to create a space on the floor underneath 
  1. Invest in one of Superior Closets custom organization systems 
  1. Purchase hangers that hold multiple pants 
  1. Invest in a closet rod extender 
  1. Renovate an existing closet or space to create a walk-in closet 
  1. Use drawer organizers for smaller items like jewelry, socks, and underwear 
  1. Place hook racks in convenient locations like on wall or over the door 
  1. Buy a shoe rack to organize boots, shoes, and sandals 
  1. Combine a custom closet system with a modular closet system 
  1. Use under-bed bins for seasonal sweaters, blankets, and scarves 
  1. Use blanket bags for comforters, sheets, and blankets 
  1. Invest in a compression bag system 
  1. Each month fill up two boxes of unused items to donate to charity 
  1. Every season donate any clothing that you haven’t worn in a year 
  1. Store small toys and knick-knacks in colour-coded baskets 

Once you have finished these easy organizing tips, getting ready for work won’t be a hassle anymore. Enjoy tackling the clutter.  

Call Superior Closets for the Best Closet Organizers 

If you want the best closet organizer or need to transform your closet space, call our team at Superior Closets. We offer a wide selection of organizer systems. We also help homeowners create beautiful walk-in closets and new closet spaces. We pride ourselves on high-quality and excellent customer service. Contact us today. 

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How to Organize Every Room in Your Home


Over the years, our homes get covered in clutter. From boxes full of old baby items and photo albums to unused sports equipment or music gear, having the perfect storage closet solution will help declutter your life. How can you organize your home for good? While cleaning up clutter is an ongoing process, there are some exciting solutions to help solve your storage needs at Superior Closets.  

Design Your Storage Spaces 

Most of us just dump random boxes, dirty clothes, shoes, toys, and whatever you can think of in the closet. Over time, the mounds of the junk pile and pile until they become almost insurmountable. How about designing the ideal storage closet instead? Why would you want to do this? Imagine creating the ideal space with built-in shelves, hanging rods, custom vertical space.  

When you sit with our design team, you will find an impressive number of exciting options for your home at an affordable rate: 

  • Custom Closet Organizers 

Each room in your home benefits from custom storage options. Easily hide away clutter. Organize your clothing easily. Don’t worry about losing anything again.  

Clothes Closet Options 

Many of us have closets and drawers full of clothing that we don’t organize or even wear! What are some affordable solutions? A custom closet organizer system will allow you to easily sort through your clothing and arrange them in a practical way. Incorporate drawers and custom clothing rods. Whether you need space for his and hers closet or just want your kid’s clothing to be anywhere but the floor, discover the organizer you need at Superior Closets.  

Walk-In Closet Solutions 

Did you know that you can convert a space into a luxurious walk-in closet? Your walk-in closet serves as a storage space and dressing room. Explore custom lighting options, accessories and mirrors. Beautiful glass shelving and custom deep drawers give you the option of displaying favourite collections and clothing. Create an attractive luxury space in your home.  

Custom Lighting Design 

Make the most of any space with custom lighting. Lighting makes spaces more usable. Additionally use lighting to highlight decorative mouldings, mirrors, and other home décor touches. Add gorgeous aesthetic to your home. We have a wide variety of choices like shelving lights and spotlights. Increase the safety of spaces with good lighting.  

When you need the best in organization, contact our talented design experts at Superior Closets. We have the widest collection of storage options in the region. Trust us to find the right solution for your lifestyle. Call today.