What is a Good Size for a Walk-in Closet?

Walk-in closets are great if you have an overwhelming wardrobe or a need for excessive storage. Large closets might have the room, but they lack the convenience so you can get to things. So instead, you need a wardrobe meant to hold people and stuff.

But if you want to put in a custom walk-in closet, dimensions are essential. What is a good size for a walk-in closet?

The best size for a walk-in closet should be a width of six feet, with about two of those feet being for a walkway. The depth of this closet should feasibly be about ten feet back. If you are a single person with less stuff, these closets can be as small as 4×4.

The remainder of this article will go through why you see size variations in these closets. We will also go through various design features worth talking about to enhance your space.

What Causes Size to Fluctuate in Walk-In Closets?

The size of a walk-in closet varies heavily depending on what you want to put in there. Many times, they are used to accentuate the features of your wardrobe.

Depending on what you are using for, here are some features to look for:

Dressing Space

Think about dressing rooms at your local department store. The average dressing room is somewhere around 4×3 feet, enough room for most adults.

The back of the dressing room needs to account for a floor-length mirror, which doesn’t take up any space. However, a good custom walk-in closet should account for your height.

The dressing space can be an extra concern if your walk-in closet is big enough to fit a display island. Islands are unique and striking for most walk-in closets. Get them if you want a display place for your favorite clothes.

Hanging Space

The hanging space is the most significant portion of your walk-in closet. The available space should give you a comfortable amount of room to place your most extended clothing.  If you consider your height, that should be about what you need.

Some people separate their hanging space by clothing type. The top room is for shirts, the bottom area is for pants, and you might have an even higher space for hats.  Always account for the few inches of your clothes hangers when accounting for this space. If you can, make sure that you can see the hat space.

However, next involves shoe storage

Shelves for Shoes

The shoe shelf should be near ground level. Depending on your willingness to bend down, it can be slightly higher. Typically, these shelves should be no more than 1 ft from the wall. If you have bigger feet, account for how much space you need to fit the entire shoe.

Give a little bit of extra room in almost all shelving situations. You never know when you will buy a shoe, hat, or shirt with a bit more girth to it.

Final Thoughts

A Walk-in Closet is an excellent addition to your household. Whether you want to admire your mostly hidden collection of nerd memorabilia or you have a considerable amount of clothes, there’s a couple of reasons for you to get them.

Check out Superior Closets for the best available options for custom walk-in needs. Our team of specialists will help your vision become a reality.


Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer for Custom Cabinets

When you look at a large-scale project, you get this mental vision of what it should look like in your head. You may meticulously plan every detail out to the bare minimum, but what about functionality? Here’s where an interior designer comes in.

In this article, we plan on going through why it is a good idea to hire an interior design for custom cabinets. By the end of this article, you will have a good idea of where to start hiring one.

#1: Interior Designers are Best for Medium to Large Renovations

First, it’s important to note that you don’t need an interior designer when getting a new table. Unless you have money growing out of your ears, the chances are that will be a total waste. Instead, it would be best if you focused on hiring interior designers for more extensive renovations.

Replacing cabinets, getting custom work done, and getting a custom desk or entertainment center are all great examples of this in action.

#2: Interior Designers Will Tell You About The Functional Aspect of Your Choices

We often think that interior designers are solely for creative input, but that’s not true. While some interior designers are great at design (you would hope), many take your design and tell you how functional it would be in reality.

For example, you may want to make a Dr. Suess-themed home that has a twisty sink. The practical applications of that twisty sink aren’t going to make your life any easier. You can also see the same for more minor crazy things, such as getting an extensive cabinet in a small amount of space.

#3: Interior Designers are Great for Brainstorming

Interior designers are great at taking vague ideas and turning them into reality.  For example, asking for a modern bedroom won’t mean much. However, the designer can show you examples of their past work.

The idea generation will also affirm whether or not you want to go through with any renovations. A new coffee table might fulfill the same desires.

#4: Interior Designers Will Save You Money

Believe it or not, hiring an interior design typically saves money for larger projects. Why? Because many of them have enough experience and know-how to know how to make a project more efficient.

This efficiency comes from knowing who to contact about materials, directly connecting to the contractor, and just being experienced with the whole process’s ins and outs.  When you get someone who knows what they are doing, you will save a combination of money and time. That will allow you to focus on enjoying the room (instead of waiting for it to get done).

Final Thoughts

While the upfront cost of an interior designer might be high for some, the idea is to create a more efficient situation as a result of that hire. Not all designers will be an excellent fit for your project, so it is only understandable to try out many people before finding the right fit. It’s your money; why should you expect anything less?

If you need help deciding on a design for your custom closets, accessories, and cabinets, contact Super Closets to see how we can help your design come alive.


Why Beautifying Your Work-At-Home Workspace is Important

The Journal of Environmental Psychology states that personalization reduces negative impacts from work. By making a space truly yours, you can personalize it how you wish. When working from home, this is especially important. This article will discuss why beautifying your at-home workspace is vital to maintain productivity and healthy mental status.

Three Reasons You Need A Well-Designed Workplace’

#1: Increased Productivity

Thoughtfulness in your workspace will make it easier for you to find things. When everything has a place (and is consistently returned there), you won’t panic to find a necessary part of your presentation last minute.

#2: Having a “Work Zone” Allows for Greater Focus

Is your home office in the kitchen? While escaping from the work zone is necessary, it shouldn’t be a permanent solution. This need for focus is especially true if you have kids, as they can put a screeching halt to your progress if they don’t have a defined play space.

#3: You Deserve to be Comfortable

Having a creative and comfortable workspace that screams “you” is a reminder of your needs. If your workspace is cluttered or makes you uncomfortable, you won’t get your best work done. Make sure to remind yourself that you deserve to love where you work.

Different Ways You Can Make Your Work-at-Home Space Yours

#1: Point Towards the Windows

One way you can beautify your workspace is to look outside. The sun and the sky are almost always a beautiful addition. This tip may not apply if your office window points towards a landfill!.

#2: Pleasant Sounds

Beautification of your space isn’t always about getting fancy desks or lighting. Sometimes, it’s about having a smart speaker in your room to play productive tunes. This tip may not be suitable for your job involves speaking to clients.

#3: Be Minimalistic

The best way to make your workspace less hectic is to keep few things in it. If your workspace is full of clutter, you won’t be able to stay focused. Try and keep a minimalistic desk, chair, and maybe a few pictures of your family to remind you why you are there.

#4: Have a Bowl of Snacks

Some offices have a bowl of snacks nearby for something to munch as the day goes by. Having them in a bowl means that you don’t have a random bag out (less clutter that way). It also makes you think of how offices operate in the regular world.

#5: Consider a Desk & Wall Unit

Having a desk built into the wall is one way to make your work-at-home space truly yours. How many homes that you know do this? It’s less than you think, and it’s a great way to combine organization and space-savings into a single swoop.  

Final Thoughts

If you have to work at home, there’s no reason for you not to enjoy your space. Make it truly yours through personal customizations and little clutter. Increase your creativity and productivity with the right organizational skills that ensure you are comfortable. If you are interested in some more space-saving measures, consider a custom desk wall unit for your work-at-home space. Contact Superior Closets for details.


Four Methods You Can Use To Organize Your Clothes Closet

It seems like you always spend too much time digging through your closet to find something. Regardless of your best efforts, new things keep getting added to the pile. As a result, the stack has become a bit overwhelming. This happens to the best of us, which is why you look at these methods you can use to organize your clothes closet.

Below are some tips we are going to discuss in detail:

  • Be prepared to get rid of some things
  • Divide your clothes by category
  • Invest in a step stool to use the top half of your closet
  • Roll less important clothing into boxes

Let’s dig into how these tips can help you out below.  

#1: Be Prepared to Get Rid of Some Things

Whenever you start digging through your closet, ask yourself these questions with anything you find:

  • Do you use it?
  • Does it make you happy?
  • Is it in good condition?

One of the most challenging parts of organization skills comes from your willingness to let go of some things. If you are unwilling to do so, you will almost always find yourself running out of room.

You can do this with some items by accepting that they’ve served their purpose. For example, still owning your prom dress if you don’t plan on passing it onto your kids may not be necessary.

#2: Divide Your Clothes By Category

As you are sorting through, you should be thinking about clothes by category. These categories can include formal, casual, swimwear, warm, and anything else that comes to mind. The idea is to give each type of clothing a place.

If you know your categories, you can ask yourself the question: “what are my categories?” This question will tell you what place your clothing will likely be.

#3; Invest in a Step Stool

Those who own a high closet almost always neglect their top-shelf. You might have a third-place bowling trophy from 1973 up there. Without having access to it for some time, you rarely know. That’s why you need to have a visible step stool nearby.

The step stool will give you access to the top shelf, allowing you have regular access. This regular access will encourage you to place items that you use up there. It’s also another place where you can remove clutter.  

#4: Roll Less Important Clothing Into Boxes

People who own a wide variety of different types of clothes often assume you need to hang them up always. However, workout clothes and casual wear do not need the same treatment. For these, you can roll them up and place them into a storage location.

Consider labeling the storage location based on clothes category: workout, t-shirts, sleepwear, etc. This effort will ensure you know what’s in the boxes, reducing your search time.

Final Thoughts

Organizational skills can be a tricky thing with closets. Still, you can solve most of your problems by getting rid of some stuff and categorizing everything else. If you want a more official way of making your organizational dreams come true, consider seeking help with your closet organizers.

Are Wall Beds Comfortable?

Sometimes, the available floor space in your home doesn’t help you sleep. A mattress takes up a lot of room, and some sofa beds are pretty uncomfortable. To address small space limitations, you should consider a wall bed, otherwise known as a murphy bed. 

What is a Wall Bed? 

A wall bed is connected to the wall with a hinge. When this bed is not in use, a platform containing the mattress can swing back up against the wall. This feature means you can sleep easily during the night but don’t have to worry about size limitations as much during the day. 

When going back to the “are they comfortable” question, we direct you to a couple of different situations:

The Thickness of the Mattress

A murphy bed’s mattress needs to be strong enough to support the person sleeping in it. That means regardless of underneath the mattress, a quality wall bed starts with the bed itself. If your mattress is shoddy, you aren’t going to get a good night’s sleep. 

Sleeper sofas involve relocating couch cushions and using the underside. That means that typically these kinds of sofas cannot contain good mattresses. If your sofa bed is for guests, you may not need to worry about comfort to the same degree. But if you are sleeping on it every night, the closet space level is typically better than the level of sofa space. 

Different Priorities

Wall beds in your closet and sofa sleepers do not prioritize comfort. That means despite their best efforts, they will never be as comfortable as your standard beds. When trading your spaces for comfort, that means your bed needs to conform to your needs. 

That being said, you can get a quality mattress and bedding to help with this. Both sleeper sofas and wall beds have the potential to provide some level of space savings with comfort. However, that same idea doesn’t apply to blow-up mattresses. 

Why Don’t I Get A Blow-up Bed?

If your highest priority is space-saving and simplicity, you may be tempted to get a blow-up bed as your primary option. They are easy storage, which you can roll up and stuff into a closet. However, blow-up beds have a variety of problems you might run into: 

  • Longevity: Blow-up beds are not for continuous usage. If you sleep on them every night, they will eventually deform. 
  • Bad for your back: Blow-up beds do not conform to the natural shape of your spine. When blown to full capacity, they can be incredibly firm. That firmness may be suitable for some, but not for most backs.
  • Not design-friendly: Part of the joy of wall beds or sofa beds is the addition of useful design elements. While there is some potential with blow-up mattresses, they aren’t typically those who prioritize having a comfortable living space. 

Final Thoughts

When asking whether your wall bed is comfortable, the bulk of this question goes back to the mattress. Closet beds are typically more beautiful in the long run, but a quality mattress will need to be purchased alongside that. If you are looking for methods to apply your close to space-saving measures, contact us to help you with your custom wall bed needs.

Five Reasons You Might Need a Custom Entertainment Center

We’ve all see those bargain-basement entertainment centers that look like you could have built it yourself with three pieces of plywood and an afternoon. We’ve also seen the higher quality ones that might be short of what you want. To address these issues, you can always consider getting a custom entertainment center. But what are some reasons you might need a custom entertainment center?

In the remainder of this article, we will go through five different reasons that you might purchase an entertainment center.

Five Reasons To Get A Custom Entertainment Center

#1: You Control the Space

If you are like me, you probably own a wide variety of gaming and entertainment items that get plugged into your TV.  However, you likely don’t have enough room for everything in your current setup.

With a custom entertainment system on your wall, you can control the number of holes you need based on the entertainment setup you have. The fully customizable option ensures you don’t have too much or too little, providing enough for your unique needs.

#2: Combine Form and Function

Custom systems will provide you the most significant opportunity to get the right design in your home. You have full control of what it looks like and professionals who have an eye for design.

You can combine the needs of your unique setup with the demands of your discerning eye for design. If you want cooler colors and a lot of space for your gaming stuff, you can get that. If you want a bold color scheme that only supports your television, that’s another option.

#3: It is Easier to Hide Your Wires

The worst part of the over-the-counter entertainment system is an inability to hide wires. With a custom entertainment system, you hide your wires in the wall, giving yourself a much more clean looking setup.

In combination with some creative zip-tie use, you may have something that looks like a professional computer setup. Overall, having no wires is a look you can appreciate.

#4: Having Ultimate Control of Design and Finish Options

Even if you find an entertainment center that meets your functional needs, you are still likely disappointed. You may feel like you had to settle because the finish clashes with your living room colors.

With custom cabinets, you don’t have to worry about settling. Instead, this will last much longer, so you have complete control of all design elements. Designers expect you to be picky, given that you are investing in a long-lasting product.

#5: You Can Have it Built Into Your Wall

Wall entertainment units are the ultimate way for you to save space in your room. Rather than having an annoying system that juts out and takes up space, you can treat this set up like a cabinet.

It is paramount for you to put just as much energy into this as you put into your home’s other design elements. A store-bought entertainment center may be nice in the short run, but it will be a clear quality difference in your house.


A custom entertainment cent provides you with ultimate control over design, form, and function. By choosing a custom entertainment center, a high-quality design will remain consistent throughout your house.


What window coverings are in style for 2020?

This is the perfect time to update your window coverings. Let these exciting window covering ideas inspire you. Give your home a much-needed facelift affordably with these stylish options. Enjoy luxury without opulent prices. Check out these incredible window treatment trends for 2020.

Natural Beauty of Wood

This year homeowners embrace the beauty of nature and the earth. By opting for organic style and décor they bring the outdoors into their homes. Enjoy an oasis from the hustle and bustle of daily life with these attractive choices:

  • Gorgeous Chalet Wood Window Coverings
  • Designer Roller Shades
  • Classic Everwood
  • Woven Wood Shades
  • Rattan
  • Colorful Weaves and Bright Styles
  • Bold Roman Shades
  • Coverings Encourage Natural Lighting

Accentuate the décor with beautiful plants, wicker furniture, and a unique artistic look that brings you back to nature. Enjoy solace and calm in the lap of luxury and light. Call the design experts at Superior Closets about what designs will bring vibrant life to your home.

Safety and Technology

Whether you need a home that has accessibility or have small children or pets, today’s innovative safety features protect your loved ones. Opt for motorized window treatments for easy opening and closing. Cordless lift styles protect young children and pets from becoming dangerously tangled in long cords. Ask us about other options to accommodate your family’s unique needs.

Coastal Design

Can’t enjoy the beach this year? No problem. Bring the coast into your home. Add lush greens, deep blues, and crisp white to your décor. Incorporate tranquil curtains with coastal patterns or blue window treatments to bring the beach to your home. When you walk into your living room experience calm and peace with seaside inspired beauty.

Privacy and Light Control

Bring in natural light without losing privacy. Superior Closets offers exciting energy efficient solutions which guarantee privacy while offering superior functionality and design. Absorb sound, control light, and protect from harmful ultraviolet rays with our high quality window treatment options.

Call Superior Closets Today

When you need energy-efficient gorgeous window treatments for your home, call the experts at Superior Closets today. Schedule your first consultation. We offer a wide range of exciting services like innovative elegant window treatments, walk-in closet installation, custom cabinetry and entertainment units, and so much more. We are the number one stop for all your remodel needs. Contact us now.


4 Tips for Choosing the PERFECT Entertainment Stand

Finding the right entertainment stand can take some time. Your TV entertainment unit not only displays your flatscreen TV, it stores your media, books, and might even hide unwanted toys or electronics. The perfect entertainment stand provides an important focal point in your living room. Choose the right stand for your family with these pro tips.

1. Choose the Right Height and Size

Before you buy your entertainment stand, consider a few important points:

  • Do you have a 60-inch smart TV complete with high end speakers and a handful of remotes?
  • Or do you have a smaller 40-inch monitor?
  • When you sit on your couch, what is your viewing height?
  • Are your family members short or tall?
  • How much do you need to store in your TV entertainment unit?

As you can see, you need to ask several important questions before you choose the right unit. Find the right stand for your family’s specific needs.

2. Go Custom

In fact, you might even want to consider buying a customized entertainment stand. Why? A customized stand will fit perfectly in your home, large or small. You don’t have to second guess if the stand is the right height or can hold all of your media and electronics.  The Superior Closet team specializes in custom storage and entertainment units. Call our designers today.

3. Match the Stand to the TV

Heavier large TVs might topple if they have the wrong stand. Look at how much wall and floor space you need to safely display your TV. You don’t want to risk bumping over your TV. Check the weight capacity of any stand you consider. If you aren’t sure which entertainment center works best for your TV, call our friendly staff at Superior Closets. They will be happy to answer all of your important questions.

4. Consider Your Room Layout

You might not have a big spacious living room for a massive TV stand. That’s okay. There are many alternative options perfect for any home layout:

  • Swivel TV stands
  • Corner Stands
  • Hidden Storage Options
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Wall Console
  • Custom Lighting
  • Custom TV Stands
  • Variable Custom Height and Width Options

Even if you have a smaller apartment and need to display your TV in a multipurpose room, we can help you find the perfect option for your home.

Call the TV Stand Experts at Superior Closets

When you need to find the right entertainment unit for your home or business, call the experts at Superior Closets. With decades of experience, we know how to find the right unit for you. Contact us today.


5 Best Master Bath Closet Ideas

You deserve a luxurious master bathroom. Looking for some gorgeous ideas for your next remodel? Want to enjoy a spacious walk-through closet to your bathroom, beautiful lighting, and a dreamy master bathroom? Check out these incredible trendy master bathroom ideas trending in 2020.

Contemporary Elegance in White

Don’t settle for one single style in your master bathroom. Try combining a modern and contemporary. How? Try a luxurious sleek standalone tub mixed with neutral tone marble and a delicately lit with custom lighting. Consider a mirrored walk-through closet to your bathroom and classic chandelier. Stick to light gray and white for clean, sleek look.

Natural Wood Look

Create a beautiful storage space in your master bathroom with custom closets in natural wood. Combine wood flooring and cabinets with a glass walled shower and walk-in closet. Design custom storage in light wood, awash in gentle luxury lighting.

The Classic Tuscan Master Bath

Enjoy the Mediterranean? With gorgeous antique carpets, wooden fixtures, and a spacious wooden closet, combine the best of Old World charm. Combine exposed beams, a walk-in shower, dark wood accents, and granite double sink, for a truly European elegance.

The Home Spa

Want to create the ultimate lap of luxury, a home oasis to relax in at the end of a hard day? Opt for gorgeous sea green and turquoise. Choose a glass shower, beautiful wood cabinets and closet, and subtle tile floor. Add darker wood touches, natural light, and spa accessories like delicious candles and specialty soaps. Enjoy true luxury in your own home.


Perhaps you have a smaller urban dwelling and embrace minimal living. You can still enjoy a master bathroom and maintain simplicity. Create a master bathroom in a smaller nook like the attic. Keep colors minimal, shiny, and white. Include a state-of-the art bidet and walk-in-closet that doubles as a dressing space.

At Superior Closets our experienced design team will help create the perfect walk-in closet design for your master bathroom. We have custom closet systems for every budget. Need creative storage solutions for your home? Call us today.


5 Steps to an Organized Closet

Struggling with a cramped living space and so…much….clutter? An organized closet will help you organize the kid’s room, keep your dressing area spacious, and provide you with much-needed peace! Check out these awesome steps to an organized closet!

Clean the Clutter

Yes, before you start to organize, you need to throw out the clutter. Does it scare you to organize the kids room with their mounds of dirty laundry, broken toys, and hundreds of Legos that litter the floor? Give each child a large box and have them fill the box with any toys, clothing, or books that they don’t need anymore. Do the same for yourself. Fill up two or three large boxes with old clothing, unread books, broken items, and appliances. Set one box for donations for the local shelter. Then have a “trash” box for everything unsalvageable.

Customize Your Closet

You deserve a beautiful customized closet space. Organize your closet by customizing the space with a design that uses every centimeter of space. A disorganized closet often just needs a small upgrade to become a beautiful space to store your items. Options are limitless. Contact our designers at Superior Closets to discuss options for your closet. Large closet or small, you will love having your own customized closet.

Lighting Does Wonders

If you have a walk-in closet or a deep dark closet, consider customized lighting options. Lighting can literally open up and brighten a space. Use more of your closet when you have quality lighting.

Closet Systems

Superior Closets has a wide range of exciting closet systems. From shelves designed to display your large footwear collection to custom racks and systems to make the most of your closet, trust the design team at Superior Closets to find the perfect closet system for you.

Mirrors and Doors

Believe it or not, you can take advantage of a wide range of door and mirror options to increase space and functionality of your closet. Add helpful racks or a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling lighted modern mirror to transform an old closet into a luxurious dressing area.

Contact the closet experts at Superior Closets today. We will be happy to help you find the perfect closet solutions for your home.

Top Trending Closet Systems for 2020


Make the most of your closet. Don’t settle for super drab cluttered closet space. Embrace the hottest closet trends for 2020. From unique custom free standing closets to gorgeous black marble rolling carts and custom walk-in closets, we have the top trends that will make you absolutely love your closet.

Mediterranean Freestanding Style

Embrace natural woods, custom shelving out of repurposed wood, and beach accessories. Don’t have a lot of spare space? Free standing closets have become the urban solution to small spaces. Enjoy incredible options that celebrate Mediterranean living. Choose creamy white and light natural woods. Create a spacious oasis of calm and beauty. Add an elegant black marble rolling cart for additional function and world class style.

It’s All in the Details

Every closet system needs a little bit of aesthetic beauty. Don’t forget that you can revamp a tired closet space with beautiful fixtures. Add gold or brass cabinet pulls, wall hooks, and more to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your closet.

Custom Walk-In Closet with Custom Shelving

Do you have a walk-in closet? Or maybe a smaller room or hallway that can be redesigned into a sophisticated dressing room? Our designers will help you create the perfect dressing area. Maximize your space. Incorporate custom lighting, a bench, and custom shelving system. Make the most of every centimeter of your closet.

Work Space Solutions

With the changes in our contemporary society, more and more of us are working from home. Need to repurpose a closet space for work or schooling? Simple. The talented Superior Closets team will work with you to design a customized closet system than incorporates room for a private workspace, office desk, and proper lighting. We specialize in customization. Ask about how you can take advantage of innovations like hidden storage spaces for your monitor that reveals itself at the push of a button, built-in sound system, and making the most of ANY unusual space.

Create the space that you need in 2020. Make the most of your space. Whether you are at work or play, you deserve a closet system that fits your lifestyle and tastes. Call the closet experts at Superior Closets today. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions. We will partner with you, big budget or small, to reinvent your home. Build the closet of your dreams with Superior Closets. Call us today.


5 Best Ways to Organize Clothes in Your Closet

Have some extra time on your hands? Take this time to organize your closet! Don’t live with a mountain of shoes and clothing piled up in your closet anymore. Eliminate clutter. Get organized now. Check out these great organizer ideas from the closet experts at Superior Closets.

1. Time to Dump the Junk

Yes, maybe your grandma gave you that ugly Christmas sweater on your eighth birthday but now it’s just your dog’s chew toy. The first step of all organizing ideas is to dump the junk in your life. While this might seem crazy, you need to dump out everything in your closet in piles. Sort out the clothing, memorabilia, shoes, hats, and other objects all into separate piles.

Try to eliminate half of what you own. Have a Trash Pile, a Donate Pile, and a Keep Pile. Anything in the Trash Pile goes in the garbage. The Donate Pile can be given to family members or a homeless shelter.

2. Make the Most of Your Space

Look at the space you have available. Measure out the closet. If you want to expand your closet space and truly take advantage of every centimeter, think about the benefits of a custom closet organizer. You might even want to expand the space. Snap some photos of your closet and call our professional designers at Superior Closets. We will help you find the best way to organize your closet.

3. List What You Need

Many homeowners live in older houses that have minimal closet space or do not account for modern living. For example, maybe you need room for your business attire, suits, sports gear, or accessories. Small cramped spaces end up being cluttered. You can’t reach what you need and items get lost or broken. Consider your habits, even height. Do you need more room for your children’s toys and books? Maybe you have some hockey gear that needs storing or want your evening wear safely hanging unimpeded by clutter.

4. Design Your Perfect Closet Space

Now that you have cleared out the clutter, listed what you actually need, and have decided to make the most of your space, it’s time to design your closet! There are many different options like closet organizers, custom organizers, bookshelves, special racks, and even knocking down walls to make a walk in closet. Some options to consider:

  • Vertical storage space
  • Drawers
  • Clothing racks
  • Where to store children’s toys
  • Storage containers
  • Space to change
  • Built in shelving
  • Multiple hanging rods
  • Accessibility
  • Upper shelves
  • Where to put memorabilia and photos
  • Shoe organizers
  • Bins and baskets
  • Who will be using the closet
  • Rolling dressers
  • Do you need a walk in closet?
  • Bench
  • Armoire choices
  • Mirror
  • Hooks
  • Custom lighting

Once you have decided on how you will design your closet, speak with your designer about renovating your closet space.

5. Coordinating

Once you have renovated your closet, it’s time to get organized! Evening wear, business attire, and fragile clothing should be hung on sturdy hangers. Consider putting costly items in separate plastic clothing bags for extra protection. You can coordinate your clothing by use, color, size, or even season. Consider placing items you need more often within easy reach. Items you rarely wear or use can be stored on higher shelving or down low. Buy matching bins and baskets for shoes, accessories, and miscellaneous objects.

Call the Closet Pros!

Call the closet experts at Superior Closets. We have a wide array of storage options, closet organizers, custom closets, and more. Our trained experts will help you build the closet of your dreams. Contact us today.